Would You Listen ?


Dear Bobby Lee,
I sure miss the hell out of you. I have been hearing stories from the inside haven, which all express you haven’t been behaving.
Please, try your best to stay out of trouble, because they might just agree to your early release. Believe me, everything that is happening to you, I’m pretty much aware off.
I secretly researched more classes for you in the haven.
However, I found out several prisons are being totally private, which means they are being sold for an disclosed amount.
Therefore, I have to wait, but I promise you will enjoy the classes. I can only say, it’s using your hands and helps develop the creativity of a person.
I did mail you a small package yesterday morning.
I’m sure you will enjoy it. Baby Girl, let me tell you about my wild Steve.
I just can’t believe how nasty he is getting lately. No, I’m not a bad influence on him.
Of course, you think so. However, the nasty things he says and does can’t be described.
I mean the nasty things he whispers in my ears, and the sexually wild things he does every time we make love is outstanding.
It’s like a fantasy world, he tries to copy.
My question is what happens in his mind, it’s like he looks for my approval, and then continues on some kind of sexual fantasy   game.
No, I’m not complaining, I usually agree to him fucking me until my cum sprays down my legs.
I guess my thought on all of this is, does he want to play this way, or does he think his behavior keeps me with him.
At this moment, I’m loving all the attention he gives me. It’s not like we just fuck like rabbits and he runs away.
He does want to be romantic with me and does want me by his side.
At times he comes over, and we just sit in the car, without him saying anything. So, although he likes to screw me, he definitely wants a close and personal connection.
Let me tell you what happen today, he caught me off guard.
Well, lately he just drops by the house unannounced.
Yes, girl friend, doesn’t call me or send a smoke signal. It doesn’t bother me that he does it, however a short notice would be nice.
I wonder does he think someone else is in the picture.
Maybe, he might assume if he comes by enough he will eventually catch me.
Funny, I’m thinking in this line, but he might just be a jealous man.
Enough about that stuff, this morning he did a surprise visit.
Yes, it was fine with me. However, at 6:20am being awoke by noise at your bedroom window wasn’t so cute. First, I heard loud cracking noises.
Then I heard a muffled voice, and knocks on the window pane.
Of course, I thought it was in my dream.
However, the knocks began to get louder. Finally, I open my eyes and saw a silhouette by my window.
I slowly got out the bed, and noticed the figure moving and then waving at me. I then put my slippers on and went toward the window.
It was Steve, which didn’t surprise me. Although I didn’t agree with this behavior, and was barely up, I opened the window pane, so he could climb inside.
As soon as he stepped inside, I felt a tight squeeze for several moments. At this point, I just wanted to go back to sleep.
So once he let me go, I sat on the bed.
Before I knew it, I awoke later and he was gone.
I knew then, he was my handsome character.
As I turned my head, I saw an envelope.
I opened it, and once I read the second page of it a card board rabbit jumped out, and it said, ” Let’s screw like rabbits.”
I then laughed, and continue to read, which every word made me melt.
At the end, he drew several hearts and told me that he would pick me up around 5pm to go for a long drive.
I was very elated about being with him, as always.
When he finally arrived, in a truck Escalade, I asked what was wrong with his Maserati.
He just said that he wanted to see how the truck drove so it would be leased for an entire week.  So, I smiled and jumped into it.
The truck was handsomely sexy, with a glossy golden cream color, white wall designer tires, very spacious inside, with leather seats, double sunroof, and a new On Star calling system feature.
 As we kept driving, sometimes with no words spoken. We were both enjoying the beautiful breeze and scenic view.
Suddenly, he pulled the truck over and dialed on the built in speaker phone to On Star for directions.
As he spoke in a low but husky voice, he told the representative that maybe he made a wrong turn.
Then they both went over all the direction, and I he typed several notes on his personal GPS navigator.
Then he asked me if his jacket was in the back seat, I told him that it might be under all the bags in the back seat.
Well, this truck was huge, so I open the door and jumped down and opened the back door passenger side.
As I stood there searching for a jacket, threw his dry cleaner plastic bag, that was hung up on the side door handle, he scared the shit out of me.
He had came outside of the truck and was standing directly in back of me.
He then whispered that I was his Bitch and shut the fuck up, and climb up in the back seat.  As I climbed up, and my knees had just reached the back seat, I heard him jump on the automatic slide step and grab my waist.
Then he quickly pulled my Skirt up, and I heard my g-string tear off.
I then felt his wet hand on my waist. I screamed fuck me harder.
He had put some oil on his cock and shoved it deep into my asshole, I screamed louder saying fuck your Whore good.
I then felt his hand back slap my face.
I started to push my ass faster on his cock.
My legs started to shake as he rammed his cock in me harder.
My pussyhole was wet and dripping, and I said please put your fingers in your Bitch pussyhole.
All of a sudden, I felt something long and hard in my pussy hole.
He had grabbed a tennis wooden handle and started fucking my pussyhole with it.
Yes, it felt good sliding in and out of my pussy hole, and constantly feeling my ass hole being fucked harder, while he was slapping the fuck out of my ass.
I knew my ass would be hurting later, because every time he hit me I felt a sting sensation.
He kept screaming bitch stop moving, I heard a faint voice say, “Hello” several times. When I moved further up in the seat, he must have decided that was the wrong position and backed slapped my face hard four times constantly.
The hard hits to my face, made my ass hole cum. As he constantly fucked me in the asshole, I position myself to move faster on the wooden tennis handle.
The more I screwed the handle, the more I screamed, “Please fuck your bitch harder.”
Suddenly, he stopped and turned me around, then told me to suck his fat cock and I better drink his cum.
At this point, I was mad because my ass hole came, but my pussy hole was still flowing with pussy juices.
So, since his eyes was closed, and he began to push my face closer to his dick, I quickly stuck some ice in my mouth.
Then he screamed several times, that I was his nasty Whore. I sucked his dick and balls slowly as I constantly kept grabbing ice from the cup.
I could have sucked his juicy cock for hours.
He screamed and said, “Alright Bitch,”  and slapped me hard twice, as he said suck it good Whore and put both his balls and cock in my mouth at the same time.
Suddenly, he pulled out his cock and put it in my pussy hole.
I screamed as he continued to shove his cock in my pussy hole and kept slapping me in the face, until I screamed louder as I came.
He pulled his cock out of me and sprayed my face with him cum.
Then fell directly on top of me, and we both heard a low sound, it was a women moaning. Then he said hello, and the woman on the On Star Phone said, “Thanks” and hung up.
After all that fucking she heard, we laughed and relaxed in the back seat for awhile. Afterward we drove to the beach, and fell asleep as we watched the raging waves.
Would you listen to people screwing, or disconnect the call, home girl ?
I will write you soon.

Exercise Benefits


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope your behaving baby girl. I’m really wishing you success with all your classes. I actually still can’t believe that you’re a great artist, but its off the chain.

I can’t believe all the money you make inside, just by selling your own art work. Be proud of yourself, your art work is a total success inside the haven walls.


I will visit you again next week. Of course, I’m bringing you a lot of surprises. Girly, I’m just having so much fun with, Steve.


I actually can’t wait until you get out of the haven. I know saying that your missed by me is childish, but I miss the hell out of you, Baby Girl.


Enough about you sexy, let me tell you about, Steve. We are having so much fun, lately he wants to go some where everyday.


Today we had so much fun, earlier this morning he stopped by with a cute blue jogging set for me. He was discussing how we should start eating healthy and exercise. Of course, I had to agree, because he was so strongly with this healthy eating and exercise idea, that we should both take part of immediately.


A few hours later he came back over, then we grabbed a healthy salad and sat down and ate it.  For awhile we just starred at the courteous sand at the Miami Beach park, the weather was cool and occasionally  there was a small breeze moving the palm trees.


After an hour we began to do exercise warm ups, we stretched and  jumped rope for five minutes, and then we started to slowly jog. He made me laugh when I seen him tie the jump rope around his waist.


Of course, I followed him and did the same thing. However, my rope wouldn’t stay properly around my waist.  As we laughed, we slowly started to jog, at a moderate slow pace.


It felt so good breathing fresh air in my lungs, and my body just felt great. I remembered just then, it was nice to be free again, the outside world was what had me smiling.


As I was slowly jogging, life appeared to all make sense now, just take everything serious and stay out of trouble. Steve, was seldom talking, and then he asked me to stop.


He then leaned on a tall tree, which appeared very old, with a huge width. The tree could have easily hid three people behind it. Furthermore, it was beautiful, with fresh falling leaves, with a rich color of golden brown and red, surrounding the entire ground in a circular pattern around the tree. I would actually describe it as a bed of leaves, which would be very inviting to have a peaceful rest on.


He quickly pulled down his jogging pants, and his dick was rock hard. Then he whispered that I was his everyday Bitch, and told me to get on my knees and lick his nuts and suck all the cum out of his fat cock.


Then said don’t choke on it Bitch, because if I do, my face will be slapped so fucken hard. He knew that the aggressive language would make me want to fuck him.


I quickly knelled down on the bed of leaves and started to slowly lick and suck his nuts. Just like he demanded me to. Then I wished his cock was in my pussy hole, feeling him inside me would turn me on.

I finally got in a position to suck his cock and nuts at the same time. It felt good feeling his
nuts and cock deep in  my mouth.
As he constantly jerked my head back and forth on his cock,
moving slowly and then fast. Suddenly, I felt a hard slap across my face and him softly saying Bitch stop.
I looked up, and then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said turn around
Whore. Once I turned around, he pushed me and I fell on the bed of leaves. We briefly laughed.
I stood up and turned my back toward him. Then I pulled down my jogging pants,
before I could pull them all the way down, I screamed low, he had stuck something hard
inside me.
I felt his hard cock in my ass hole, and he shoved the jump rope wooden handle inside of
my pussy hole, at the same time. I got so wet feeling strokes of both inside me, back and forth motions quickly made my legs start shaking.
I heard him say that I was his everyday Whore, then said I should shut the fuck up and stop moving. I then started shaking my legs more. As I started to cum from my ass hole, then I felt him slap my ass, my pussy hole was dripping wet.
I started to back my ass faster against his cock. Suddenly, he backed slapped my face
twice and said that I was his Whore, and said stop moving Bitch or he would keep slapping
the fuck out of my face.
I stop shaking as he was fucking me. Suddenly, I felt my ass hole cum again
and I screamed. All of a sudden, my pussy hole sprayed cum all over the jump rope handle. I then screamed low, again he slapped my face harder.
Then I felt him quickly turn me around, and he took both hands and pushed my face near his cock. Suddenly,  a load of cum sprayed all over my face.
I tried to quickly suck more cum out of his juicy cock. I had cum dripping from my face and tits,  then I  licked his balls, and sucked all the cum off his cock and nuts. After we left the park, we just went back to my house and watched movies.
I felt so good fucking him, now I can say its true, because its many benefits to exercising.
I will write you soon, Baby Girl.

Spacious Riding

stock-photo-12547994-armed-sexy-police-officer (1)

Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope your in the best of health, and behaving inside the haven. I was very shocked to see that the prison was doing construction.
I understand why you kept it a secret, because you knew it would be a big surprise to me.  Since the prison is doing so much renovation, I think it might be going private.
Meaning the county is trying to sell the property, but it’s a secret within their walls.
Therefore, no one will know until it’s public record. I know all the prison mates will at least enjoy the new revised kitchen areas, gym with new equipment, library with new computers, bathroom showers, tennis court and basketball court.
 Enough about that, let’s get down to the juicy stuff. Steve came to my house early this morning and told me to go to the mall and pick out a casual shirt, jeans and gym shoes and gave me a gift card that valued two-hundred dollars.
Yes, I was more happier then one small mouse in a cheese Factory. Stop laughing, I’m totally serious. Later on in the afternoon, he just dropped over again, of course I wasn’t expecting him.
 He appeared to be disturbed while drinking some ice tea, after I handed him the glass he just starred at me.
 I had several things to do around the house before we went out later, so I just left him drinking ice tea at the dining room table.  Of course, I was concerned about the strange look on his face.
 However, I knew that if I asked him what was wrong, the answer might be very lengthy, so I decided to rush and finish cleaning a few things, before I returned back to him.
Finally, I was finished with some quick chores around the house, and quickly sat down with him in the dining area.  A few moments passed, and  I said nothing, all of a sudden he held my hand and leaned over to kiss my cheek, then started to hold me in a loving, but secure hold.
Then he looked at my face, and softly repeated my name and kissed me.
 I was shocked when I heard him whisper that he missed me so much and couldn’t wait to see me tonight. He then stood up, and told me that he would be back within three hours.
As he left my mind was wondering what was he thinking, my first thought was maybe he made a mistake at work, or maybe someone had an emergency issue that concerned him.
However, the way he felt my body and caressed me, it could have been several different issues going on. One thing for sure, he did need to see me, and having me close made him feel mentally better.
 Girly, I guess some people need moral support more than others. I just wish he would express his feelings a little more, then maybe I would know the words to say to make him smile.
 However, when these moods hit him, I just get several gifts, hugs and kisses, which is alright with me. Finally, the hour came and he picked me up from the house. I wore a casual cotton shirt, blue jeans and gym shoes, just like he instructed me to buy.
Although he appeared relaxed this time when he stepped in the door, I wondered what was really on his mind earlier. As we walked our the door, I saw a beautiful stretch limousine, shiny and black, with silver linings around the door it was very impressive.
When we got in it I hugged him, and just wondered why was I dressed like this.
It was a gigantic limousine with a long coach on both sides shaped like lips, colored with burgundy red, black and gold, which was surrounded by a leather red lining head rest, with a long chrome knob hand rest, also a mini glass bar area with neon lights,  wine bottles, chiseled glasses and several bottles of liquor, the ceiling was hand crafted, with four flat screen TV’s  perfectly placed around mirrors, the entire sides was draped with velvet scarfs colored in burgundy, black and gold, and a strip on lights surrounded the entire ceiling area.
The rug was cream and gold, with neon colorful strips running threw it. He told me to sit down in a very soft voice, and once I did he leaned me back on the coach and began sucking on my neck, then I felt his hands pull down my jeans.
After he finished sucking my neck, I felt his lips sucking on one of my tits and then his other hand was pitching the other nipple.
Then he sat me up and told me to stick all of his cock deep down in my mouth, it felt good as I was licking his balls and sucking his cock.
Until he shoved it deeper down my throat and I began to choke, he slapped me hard in the face and said Bitch take all this fat Dick and shut the fuck up.
The slap felt good against my face, and I wanted him to slap the fuck out of me again.
So I put his hand on my face, then he slapped me again and told me to be a good Whore, and follow his orders. If I moved again, he would slapped me until I cried. Then said I was his number one Whore, and started to slap me harder again and again, until I felt my pussy hole start dripping wet.
Just then he took his cock out of my mouth and stood me up, then grabbed both of my arms tight and pushed me back down. I screamed loud, because I felt something long, hard and cold inside my ass hole, although it felt good, I wondered what did he stick up my ass hole.
Then I realized it was the long chrome knob that I thought was so beautiful earlier, I actually touched the knob and felt the long, hard knob.
Now it was inside my ass hole, then I started to move up and down on it, because it felt like a rock hard dick inside my ass hole.
As he stood over me, he said suck my cock bitch, then as I put his cock deep in his mouth, I felt both of his hands pushing my face faster on his cock.
Suddenly, he just stopped and turned me around and stuck his cock in my ass hole, then I felt something warm inside my pussy, he had leaned me against the coach and stuck the wine bottle in my pussy hole.
 If felt good feeling a long hard wine bottle in my pussy hole, I grabbed it and started to fuck myself.  While he was shoving his cock in my ass hole, I felt my ass hole cum all over his cock.
I then sprayed my cum inside the bottle, and my cum was dripping all over the bottle. I then heard him scream turn around whore.  As soon as I turned around he spayed a load of cum in my face, then I opened my mouth to drink it.
Suddenly he slapped me and said Bitch drink it faster. I loved sucking all of his juicy cum out. Suddenly, he just fell back on the coach and we both laughed.
I love fucking Steve.  Afterward we just drove around, then he took me to a beautiful hotel, and the room was marvelous.  But we were so tired, we fell asleep within minutes.
No, more fucking that night.
I will write you soon, baby girl.


Elegant Dancing


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope your doing well and staying out of trouble.  I can’t wait to tell, there is a package in the mail for you.
Maybe, I should have kept it a surprise, but I wanted you to be on your best behavior, so you could receive it.
I miss you girl friend, maybe at the end of this month I will visit you again.
 Let me tell you about my evening at an elegant club with, Steve.
 Actually, it was a surprise because we planned to go out later in the evening.
The biggest decision is what beach would win, but after a long conversation we agreed Miami Beach was the winner.
Then we would order pizza, and afterward watch a movie over my aunt’s house.
But, earlier today he called  to tell me to be ready around noon, because he wanted to take me somewhere, but he wouldn’t tell me where.
He had me so excited until that time came.
He finally arrived, I was calm but very excited to find out the secret of my destination.
I jumped in his Maserati like a three year old child waiting for ice cream.
He drove a distance in silence, I just looked at his smooth face and well cut designed short hair style.
We finally arrived, and he held my hand as he rang the buzzard, then we walked inside.
It was a private clothing store. It was set up with men tailors and several sewing machines.
It was very well structured with a gigantic circular Aquarium with exotic fish and reptiles inside, it had to be at least seven feet tall.
It was surrounded by real exotic plants inside and outside.
Definitely it was a site to see.
The windows was stained glass, which was very colorful. He walked over to one of the men tailors, and left for a few minutes.
When he came back he looked so handsome, the  black two piece pants and shirt was made of a nice material and fitted him like a glove.
 He then told me to step in another room.
Once I did a lady came to me and introduced herself and just started to measure me from head to toe, we left minutes later, he kept on his tailored clothes.
Then we jumped back in the car, he drove again in silence.
 I then asked him to please tell me whats happening.
He explained that we are going to a private club tonight to dance and maybe have drinks if I prefer.
So then I realized, the beach plan and pizza was down the drain. He then asked me was that alright, I asked him if we could at least have pizza.
He laughed and drove us to get pizza. Two hours later, we went back to the private store and he got out the car alone, once he came back I smiled.
He brought me a cute two piece top and skirt that matched his two piece attire, the exact same material and color.
I just smiled and kissed him. I was so happy as we drove off.
We stopped at another store to get me a purse and him some expensive thin socks, shirt cuffs and a tie.
When we arrived, I couldn’t believe it was so private.
The building was well painted, and the structural design was awesome, it was located downtown.
The funny part was, the building didn’t have a name, but for some reason I remembered passing it several times on my way to the library.
Once we walked inside my eyes glowed, it was absolutely beautiful.
However, it was tremendously dark.
I walked slow, because I feared of bumping into someone, or at least accidentally stepping on their feet.
It had a three level dance floor, and each level had a full bar with several male and female waiters, hidden in all three levels was a restaurant section, the floor pivoted at such an angle, that it appeared to be a dream puzzle.
He went into the bathroom, so I followed him there and stood at the door waiting for him to return. He told me to come in and help him with his tie, so I did.
Once I was about to leave he grabbed my hand and led me to the men’s bathroom stall.
As he shoved me inside and unzipped his tailored pants and put his shirt on the hook, I knew what was on his nasty mind.
He quickly pushed my head toward his hard  cock, and slowly I sucked his balls and cock.
Suddenly I was slapped hard, then he said what the fuck are you doing Bitch, suck this cock like its your last meal.
Shove it deep down your throat Whore. Suddenly, he turned me around and bent me over, then I felt him deep inside my pussy hole, after a few moves I felt his hands slapping my ass, then someone knocked on the door, and said hurry up man I have to take a leak real bad. So, we left the bathroom. My pussy was still so wet.
Well, I decided to forget about it and held his hand as we walked to the dance floor.
It was so dark on the floor no one could see a face, just moving body silhouette figures.
As we danced, I turned around and started to rub my ass against his pants, How about, before I knew it I felt something.
His horny ass stuck his cock deep inside my pussy hole and just kept on  dancing.
It felt good, he slowly kept sticking his hard cock inside me, but I wanted him to put his fingers in my ass hole also, my pussy was dripping wet as he was fucking me, I started dancing in different ways, so I could feel his hard cock deep in my pussy hole.
I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, but that was impossible, so I reached inside my purse and stuck my brush handle in my asshole.
He kept moving slowly in my pussy hole. So I just pushed the handle brush harder in my ass hole and came all over it, and he kept fucking me slowly, and I came on his dick, it felt so good in my pussy.
All of a sudden I felt a load of cum in my pussy and he pulled back.
Yes, some of my pussy juice had dripped on the dance floor.
Steve, did some serious elegant dancing tonight.
Baby girl, I will write you soon.

Certain Balls Are Fun


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope your in the best of health and keeping busy, with positive things to do. I have to say you looked great last week.


I think your art work is just marvelous, keep doing it home girl. Today was such a surprise, Steve took me for a long drive.


Afterwards we just walked along the beach, and the waves just appeared so inviting. But I didn’t swim, however I did take off my shoes and we walked on the sand.


We talked about going on a vacation in a few months. However, I just don’t feel like traveling without a job to come back to. Yea, call me crazy if you want to.


I just don’t want to come back from a vacation, and can’t afford to take another one by myself. Because my thought is, now I can save up money, and go and come as I please.


But home girl, without the funds it ain’t happening. I hope your following me now. But enough of that, our last stop today was the bowling alley.


No, I have no idea how to bowl, all my balls go directly toward the gutter sides. They actually have to put up the baby rails on both sides, so the bowling ball will stay in the lane.


Yes, I’m very terrible at this game. We drove at least two hours away to a huge bowling alley. It had a billiards room, full bar, arcade games and a restaurant.


The facilities were very clean, and as we drove to the parking lot, only valet parking was allowed for the specific area that we entered into. Girly, some of the cars were expensive, and they had a daycare for children also.


As we walked inside, the entire room was surrounded by several waterfalls, so the sound of water was a beautifully, and the tranquil sound flowed threw my ears. The sound of water cascading on rocks was heard threw the entire bowling alley. The bowling alley area was huge and had several lanes, and it even had a small section with miniature alleys for children to bowl.


Then we finally sat down in a beautiful little cozy section, with a small table and computer flat screen to submit our scores on. Steve had ordered us a some popcorn and drinks.


I was having so much fun bowling, but I hardly hit the pins. Steve just laughed, every time my bowling ball didn’t hit a pin. It was fun to me, because I had got use to not scoring anything.


I told Steve earlier that I wanted to go home directly after we played, because I wanted to wake up early and go to the library. As we played, all of a sudden, both side rails went down, and all my balls went straight into the gutter space.


He went to tell the attendant it was stuck, however they asked him to fix it if possible, and they would give him a few games free, or just wait until they could help him. So he went down the alley and disappeared into a small dark room, and tried to pull the rail back up on both sides, however it wasn’t working.


Then he asked me to get a flashlight from them. So I did and slowly walked down the slippery alley to hand it to him.


Once I reached there it was pins all over the room, and it was very dark, so I suddenly slipped right into Steve’s arms. That was a big mistake, he push my head down below his waist and took his cock out, then said please Bitch suck it quick and drink my cum.


At this point, I better suck him off quick, and get the fuck out of this bowling alley room. I started to suck his balls and dick real fast, but suddenly he didn’t feel like it was a rush, because he slapped the fuck out of my face, and then whispered Whore take your time before I fuck your face up.


I was sliding his cock slowly in my mouth, then he put his hands on my face and pushed me faster, and started saying suck this long hard dick Bitch, he slapped me again and shoved his cock in my mouth faster and deeper.

Then said Bitch turn around, and stuck his cock hard in my ass hole, as he slapped my ass it started to feel good. Then I heard him say whore open your legs wider, and kneel down right here.


All of a sudden, I felt something hard in my wet pussy. He had put a bowling pin inside my pussy hole and was moving it slow and fast, as he was fucking my asshole with his hard dick, his hand was shoving the bowling pin in my pussy, it felt good, my cum sprayed all over the pin, my pussy lips was so wet and dripping, I screamed fuck my ass hole harder.


While the pin was dripping wet with my cum, he turned me around and stuck his cock back in my mouth. Then all the sudden he sprayed cum on my face, and then I started to suck the rest out of his dick, and drank it quickly as I started to lick his balls slowly again.


Suddenly he slapped me hard as he held my face, and said that I was his Whore, and the next time he asked for something I better run to him, or he would fuck my ass hole harder, then said I was a good slut, but I better listen to him next time, or I will be physically hurt.


Then he starred at me and laughed very softly, as he kissed my cheek. He knew I loved the way he talked to me, and aggressively hitting me when we fucked made my pussy stay wet.
Stay sweet baby girl, I will write you soon.


Locked Up Again


Dear Bobby Lee,
Girly I heard that you have been telling people what to do. Be careful, please.
Remember your just a fish among sharks, so be good.


Let me tell you about today, you would never guess. My aunt left for the weekend to a Spa Resort Again.

I did ask her if Steve could spend the weekend or could I stay over his house. She laughed and whispered have fun Cupcake.

We always laughed together, she was fun to be with. Steve was busy working on a new project for work, so we hadn’t seen each other for five days.


Yes, but we talked on the phone, like it was going out of style. He told me that a vacation was on his agenda, but he couldn’t get away from his job duties.


But, I shouldn’t worry, because the weekend would be satisfying to me. Later that day, my thought was to surprise him with cookies and brownies with walnuts inside.


As I was making the dessert, I kept on thinking about fucking Steve. Whipping the butter just made me think of his cum dripping down off my face towards my tits, I loved how he smacked my face with his cock.


Once he came all over me, he still made me want him, constantly hitting his dick on my face, and then slapping me  and saying how good my tight pussy hole was.


Well, enough of those memories. The cookies and brownies turned out delicious, and I had to stop myself from eating them.


Steve finally arrived, but when I walked towards the outside gate with those delicious cookies and brownies, I noticed it was locked. When I reached Steve, I told him to come back later, because I don’t have the key to open the gate.


His car was to expensive to be left outside the gate. But once I tried to open the smaller gate to hand him the brownies it was locked also.

Then I realized my aunt had taken two sets of keys by mistake. The entire property was gated in, and I would have to climb over the gate, or Steve would have to climb in.


I wasn’t trying to go threw all that, so I just told him to please come back later, and I would call my aunt to ask if there were spare keys on the property. For some reason, he didn’t want to leave, so I just pulled up a chair and started to talk to him threw the gate.


After we talked and ate dessert I mentioned again that he should come back later. However, for some odd reason he didn’t want to leave, so I told him that I would come back outside to talk to him after I called my aunt.


It took me a while to finally reach her, because she had several phone numbers. Furthermore, once I did reach her the key was unfortunately in her suitcase.


So, I went back to the gate to inform Steve. When I finally arrived, I was surprised, he brought me a dozen of assorted roses. Yes, they were beautiful.


It was getting dark, and I suggested we just plan something for tomorrow, and I would just climb the gate. He then held my hand threw the gate, and told me to go in the back of the house toward the pool area.


It was real dark once I got back there. Then he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I couldn’t believe that his pants was off.


He spoke soft and said Bitch get on your knees and let me nut all over your face. I knelled down and began to put his cock deep inside my mouth.


I felt him slapping the fuck out of my face as I was sucking his cock. It was hard to suck his balls and cock threw the gate bars.


He said Bitch do it good or I will slap the fuck out of you again. I sucked and licked his balls faster, and suddenly I felt his hands on my head pushing me back and forth on his cock.


He slapped me real hard and said Whore turn around and let me get that sweet tight ass hole. I started to feel his hard cock in my ass hole and he slapped my ass harder, and then reached over and backed slapped my face several times.


I took the rolling pin that I used to make the cookies out of my apron, and shoved it deep in my wet pussy. A few moves with that hard long wood rolling pin in my pussy hole made me shut cum all over it.


I came several times on the rolling pin, when I screamed screw my ass hole harder, I shoved the rolling pin in my pussy as deep as it could go.


I screamed so hard as he pushed his cock in my ass hole, and I shoved the rolling pin in my pussy hole, he said Bitch shut the fuck up, then backed slapped my face several times.


Every time he slapped me, I felt my body shaking and cum was dripping constantly off the rolling pin.


My cum dripped all over the grass and the lounge chair I had been leaning on, and It was making my pussy hole so wet.  I wanted to feel the hard wood rolling pin inside me deeper.


Each time he slapped  me harder, and I felt his cock sliding inside my ass hole, a few times he pulled it out and put it in my pussy hole. He screamed and said Whore when I say come over to me do it, or I will fuck your ass hole until you cry, Bitch.


Just then I came all over his cock, it felt to fucking good in my ass hole. I then screamed let me suck your cock.


He then took it out my ass hole and stuck it deep in my mouth, he screamed faster Bitch, then he sprayed a load of cum in my mouth and it started to choke me, and I constantly stuck the rolling pin in my pussy hole as I sucked his balls.


Cum was dripping off his cock slowly and I drunk every bit of it. He pulled back off the iron gates, and I had to laugh. As I watched him, we laughed together.
I love you home girl, be good and I will write you soon.

Carpentry Work


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope your being good in the love haven. I know babe, stop playing with you. I really did enjoy your last letter, keep on doing your thing girly.


I have to say that I love the way Steve fucks me doggy style. I know that you love that position also, nasty baby.


I didn’t do anything yet, just thinking about feeling his cock in my pussy all day. As he walked around with no shirt on,


we had been working on fixing repairs in my Aunt’s house all day. After he put the door on the hinge, and seen it would take awhile to seal the front knob hole, which was a new style.


The hole was huge and required either to be sealed smaller or be customized for a knob. however, the door was gorgeous with red wood oak and cream borders, it shined with a smooth glossy sexy look.


As I gave him a glass of ice tea, he starred at me for a moment. Then he asked when my aunt was coming home, I told him tomorrow. As I turned around and left him, I heard him say come back nasty Bitch.


I then turned around and just starred for a moment. He had stuck his cock in the huge hole in the door. I laughed and screamed stop playing.


I turned around again and started to walk in the kitchen, as I reached the kitchen, I heard him scream help me. I ran back and saw his cock still inside the door hole.


I told him that he plays to much. He then grabbed my hand and said I was his favorite Whore and just turn around and let him fuck my tight ass hole threw the huge hole. I told him we have the entire house to fuck in.


He slapped the fuck out of my face hard and said Whore the next time I call you, come immediately Bitch !


Then he pushed me around and lifted up my squirt, his cock slid in my ass hole, because he just put on some KY jelly on it, so I felt his cock being slammed inside my ass hole hard.


He screamed move faster Bitch several times, as he shoved his cock inside me. As I pushed back on his rock hard cock, he screamed that I was a good whore.


My pussy was so wet, I grabbed the hammer and put the handle inside my wet dripping pussy hole, it was hard and fat, that handle felt good inside my pussy hole.


I shoved it deeper with every stroke that he fucked my ass hole. I came on his cock twice. But the hammer handle was so hard inside my pussy, I screamed and shot my cum all over the handle.


He knew I was satisfied and quickly turned me around and shot cum on my face and between my tits, I sucked the rest of his juicy cum out. Afterward he fell on the floor, and we both sat on the floor and laughed.

I will write you later baby girl.

Hockey Game


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope you are behaving. It’s nice to know that you finally started school, and making extra money selling your art work.
I will send you extra paint brushes, color tubes, and colored canvases once a month.
Usually, its half price day once a month.
Yes, I sent the TV yesterday morning.
At least there are some luxuries, behind the pretty hostage walls.
I’m aware, that was our private joke inside our special haven.
Home girl you know I’m looking for work, and staying out the way of people or objects that can send me back into our beautiful common haven.
Girly, my day was sexy and exciting with Steve.
 I love Hockey, and it’s one of the sports he enjoys.
He decided that we should go a few hours early and stand in line for the tickets.
Because it was a special game, and the tickets might be sold out later.
We planned on going to lunch after we purchase the tickets.
How about he finally reserved a room for us in a six star hotel on the beach, in Ft. Lauderdale.
So after we leave the the hockey game, we can go to the hotel room and relax.
As we reached the Hockey stadium and stood in the line, it appeared not to move at all.
But, we enjoyed each others company, by playing trivia memory games,  and talking about growing up with our parents.
He went to his car and got two beach lounge chairs for us, while I continue to wait in line.
He kept chairs in his trunk, because I loved to sit at the beach with him. When he finally came back, it started to drizzle a little.
So, he left me again to get a beach umbrella from the car. He was happy the items were in the trunk.
It wasn’t a surprise that it started raining. The weather in Florida is  unpredictable.
We sat our chairs close together and held hands as we continuously laughed.
Of course, every line that stays on the street or in public will eventually have vendors selling food and other items.
Steve brought us giant rain jackets. It actually looked like we were about to go on a safari hunt. As we sat there in our Jackets, it started raining harder.
It was actually lucky rain. Because several people in front of us left the line, everyone in back of us left the line also.
The wind blew stronger, then began to make a whistle noise.
I mentally relax when watching natures rain fall, so it was romantic to me.
Steve was going to eat his sausage hot dog, but instead he stared at me, as if I was a mirrored glass. He held me close to his chest.
All of a sudden he slid back in his beach chair and covered my face with his jacket. Pushing me down towards his waist.
I didn’t notice that earlier he put the giant beach umbrella to stop the strong winds from soaking us perfectly above our heads and tilted it around us, obstructing a view of us. Therefore, being under his rain jacket made him appear alone.
It would of been stupid at this point to stop him.
So, I started to suck his fat cock slowly, feeling it deep down in my throat felt good. I wanted to feel his entire fist fucking my ass hole, instead of his fingers.
Suddenly, I felt his fingers fucking my clit, my pussy was dripping wet. Wishing he would stick his cock in my asshole, as I was licking his balls and cock in and out of my mouth, I felt something in my ass hole.
He had put plastic on the hot dog and stuck it deep inside me, my ass hole came hard all over that  long sausage hot dog.
He knew I came, because I screamed to fuck a Bitch faster, if you want her to cum and suck your balls.
Just then, I screamed and came hard again, he quickly turned me around and stuck his cock in my ass hole, I screamed even more.
I said please fuck your whore faster. He slammed his hard cock in me slow then fast.
I felt his hand slap the fuck out of my face, then said Whore shut the fuck up. He kept riding me doggy style, until I cried out to please fuck your bitch.
Just then he back slapped me twice as he turned me around, then told me to drink his cum,  and if I didn’t he would choke me with his cock, and wouldn’t stop until I gagged.
It felt good as he sprayed a load of cum in my mouth.
I loved drinking it, he slapped my face and said that I was a good Whore.
Girly, two hours later we got the tickets, however he paid for the games for two weeks in advance.
No, we never went to the game that night.
He took me to the hotel and we fell asleep. I miss you baby girl, I will write you soon.


Beverly Mesmerized


Dear Bobby Lee,

I hope your being good, girl friend. At the end of the month, I will be visiting you. I really wish I had a forty hour job.


I just want so many small things. Well, everything will all come together later. You would never guess what happen, me and Steve was together all day.


I took a bus downtown, because traffic would have made me late for our lunch appointment. Steve was already downtown, so it would have been stupid for him to lose a good parking spot.


So, I told him catching the bus wouldn’t be a problem for me. I met him downtown in a beautiful high rise building. It had several stores including restaurants and a gym. He made a lunch reservation at an expensive Italian restaurant.


I met him down stairs in the lobby. As we both stepped in the elevator, my heart jumped. The restaurant was on the 33rd floor. It was a huge elevator and several people was in it with us.


However, everyone got off before the 30th floor. Once we finally stopped on the 33rd floor I was relieved. As I was waiting for the elevator to open, my body froze. I wasn’t scared of heights, its just that I didn’t like being in any elevator.


Suddenly, I realized the door didn’t open immediately, then I started to get nervous, but I was quiet. Steve said it would be alright, and the door will open. I stood still and silent.


I heard a phone rang loud, however it was like a dream. Steve answered the elevator phone. Once he got off the phone, he turned to me and said calm down Baby. At that moment I was still froze, and starred at the elevator door. I heard his voice, but for some reason I couldn’t respond.


He said Beverly Baby just relax, the manager said the generator system is down and will be restored within 30 minutes. Funny, my ears heard everything, however; I was speechless and couldn’t move.


I heard Steve laughing, and saying if his hard cock went inside my tight asshole I would snap out of being mesmerized. All of a sudden I felt my dress raise up, as I starred at the elevator door my body started moving.


Steve had actually bent me slightly over and stuck his cook in my asshole, as I was still starring at the door. I could feel the lower part of my body moving faster. I felt like my pussy was dripping wet, but my hands couldn’t move to touch myself.


His cock felt good stroking inside my asshole. He screamed that I had a fucken sweet asshole. I felt my ass being slapped several times, and his voice saying that he wanted to ride this whore’s asshole more.


But, my body was still froze. I felt him bend me down more as he stuck his cock deep in my pussy, then I felt his three fingers fucking my asshole, while he fucked my pussy hole even faster.


All of a sudden he stopped and moved in front of my face. I couldn’t stare at the elevator door anymore, suddenly I felt him shot a load of cum in my mouth.


Then I felt his cock rubbing against my face, and between my tits. Once he finished, I watched him get some tissue out of my purse to wipe his cock off and my face.


After he cleaned us both off, within minutes the elevator door opened.
I heard him say that they would hear from his lawyer.


Home girl, I have no clue why I stayed mesmerized, but I can say my pussy and asshole felt good, after I stepped off the elevator.
I will write you soon, be good baby girl.

Are You Going Soft ?


Dear Bobby Lee,
I hope all your school plans are going well. I’m still very excited for you. Its never to late in life to learn and enhance your knowledge, and going back to school certainly is positive.


Be proud of yourself, always remember you deserve the best. Let me tell you about Steve. I have to wonder is he getting soft on me.


If so, I have to turn the page and follow another handsome man. He held my hand and whispered to me. It seems like he was in a romantic mood, which makes me wonder, what triggered the romantic but dramatic change. I


was seriously amazed that he knew how to whisper. He just got back from Japan last night. The decision of leaving his car at the airport was very convenient, because my ass wasn’t about to drive that expensive Maserati to the airport.


Once he left the airport, my hot ass was on his mind. Why would I say that, because he came directly to my house after he left the airport. He didn’t go home first. The flight arrived at 9:45pm and he was at my house at 10:05pm.


Then when he held me tight and whispered in my ear, I really was confused. He just stopped over to see how my aunt was doing and brought her some natural juices, because he over-heard the doctor telling her certain metabolism booster foods to eat.


The next day I awoke early, so I could get a good seat and computer at the library. As I walked to the bus stop, the feeling of being free again just ran threw my mind. It seems like I saw Steve’s car pass me, but I knew several people had that same car.


Once I arrived at the library my wish came true, I had the best seat and a working computer. I was thinking about leaving the library, just then I looked up and saw Steve coming threw the door.


I knew that I hadn’t mention to him that I was going to the library. As I walked toward him, he grabbed and held me tight for several moments without saying a word. At this point, I really didn’t know what to say.


Before I could say anything, the most loving words came out of his mouth. He first told me that his trip was very successful, and I was his personal inspiration.


We held hands and went to the back of the library. It was only 9:00am, no students were there yet, only elderly people. So, we were actually alone in the back, with only the librarian downstairs in the front lobby.
I was so elated to see him. But I just had to ask him, what made him come to the library. He told me that my aunt mentioned the library.


Yes home girl, I wasn’t feeling good about him tracking me like a dog, but it was kind of cute. We sat down together, while I was looking at the computer and typing, his hands start feeling on my legs.


Then I felt his hand pull up my dress, suddenly I felt his fingers in my pussy. It felt so good. I just had to stop typing, and starred at him beside me.


Then he said Beverly, I missed you so much. He then kissed me on the neck. Of course, I’m wondering what the fuck is wrong with him.


He then put his hands on my face and pushed me even closer to him. He whispered to me, if I was his Bitch, I would go beneath the desk and suck the cum out his cock.


Girl, my ass flew under the desk and pulled his jogging pants down a little and started to suck his hard cock and balls. As I was sliding his cock and balls in and out of my mouth, I felt his hands on my head pushing my face up and down on his hard cock.


It felt good as my face was being fucked by his hard cock. His voice made me so wet, I just had to stick the pencil in my pussy that had just fell beside me.


It felt good me stroking my pussy with the long thin pencil. Every time he moved my head faster on his cock, I stuck the pencil deeper in my pussyhole.


I wish his dick could go in my asshole. Just then he whispered, it feels good bitch and I missed you so much. I was a little nervous, so I was trying to go fast.


He whispered, I should make love to him in another way. Yes, those choice of words was a shock. Then his voice whispered, turn around and let me fuck that sweet tight asshole.


His voice turned me on, just then I got so wet my cum sprayed all over the floor and my pencil. It was a little hard to turn around underneath the desk, I finally put my ass exactly on his cock.


After a few seconds, his cock was feeling so good inside my asshole going back and forth, I grabbed the pencil again and stuck it in my pussy, then his cum dripped in and out of my asshole.


I quickly got from beneath the desk, and saw him smile, then we both laughed.
I will write you soon home girl.